Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Cove Football Club Non Matchday Visit

Saturday 11th July 2015
Oak Farm, Farnborough
Non-matchday visit

I made a very spontaneous, last-minute decision to pay a visit to Oak Farm, home of Cove, who finished in fourth place in the Combined Counties League Premier Division last season. Having almost arrived at Cherrywood Road, venue for my later game, well over an hour ahead of kick off, I noticed road signs for Cove FC, where I had not previously visited. Having confirmed on my phone that the ground was only about a twenty minute walk away, I diverted hoping for a quick look around.

Located at the end of a narrow country lane, I was relieved to find the gates were indeed open, and actually I found quite a hive of activity, with the clubhouse doing a roaring trade - sadly, I didn't have time to linger beyond a fairly brisk walk around perimeter of the pitch. The clubhouse straddles the half way line, set some way back from the pitch, with a tea bar hatch located adjacent and some picnic tables in front. All of the spectator accommodation is located on the opposite length, where there is a modern metallic all-seater stand attractively finished in club colours of yellow and black, with two separate and more traditional looking stands positioned either side covering flat standing areas. There is railing and hard standing all the way around the pitch, as is grey panel fencing.

Although it is certainly always harsh to judge the feel of a ground very early in pre-season, in all honesty I will not be in a rush to return here on a matchday, as the venue appeared a rather drab and unappealing venue, perhaps not helped by a parched looking playing surface as well as the grey perimeter fencing, but with a little sprucing and tidying up, may well become a more appealing venue during the season.

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