Sunday, 15 May 2016

APS Zakynthos - Non Match day visit

Unfortunately I was unable to watch any local football matches during my week's holiday on Zakynthos. I had a faint hope that APS Zakynthos' home game against Larissa, to be played during the weekend I flew home, would be confirmed for the Saturday. But it wasn't to be, when it was announced earlier in the week that the game was scheduled for the Monday. So I decided to visit the ground on a non-matchday. I was pleased to find a gate open at the main entrance and was able to roam freely around inside.

APS Zakynthos currently play in the second tier of Greek Football, in the Football League, but are facing a battle against relegation. They're fifth bottom, but with the bottom four clubs being relegated, are three points clear of the fourth bottom team.

The Zakynthians Olympic Champions Ground is about a twenty minute walk from Zakynthos Town port, and spectators enter the stadium via a flight of steps and then under an arch. One then walks along a short path to reach the main (and only) stand. The stand is typical of Southern Europe, uncovered, consisting of terrace steps set at quite a steep incline, with individual plastic seats bolted on about half of the area. Excellent elevated and unobstructed views can be had from here, not only of the pitch but also of the surrounding hills in the distance, as well as out to sea. This stand appears to be the only area accessible to spectators. A dusty athletics track circulates the football pitch, while the football club's name is painted onto the wall along the curve behind one of the goals, and some small fans flags are left hanging in a small section along one length. Quite surprisingly for a football ground in the second tier of a fairly major footballing nation, there are no floodlights here.

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